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Separators and Skimmers for complete oily water treatment

Ultraspin Technology

Our oily water separator systems utilise innovative hydrocyclone technology to separate oils, fats, grease and solids from wastewater streams.

Based in Melbourne, we’re the largest oily water equipment supplier in Australia. Our facilities allow us to build our systems to your specification, fully pre-tested before despatch.

Ultraspin’s leading edge technology is a high powered alternative to other traditional forms of oily water treatment, such as coalescing plate separators, air flotation and rope or belt skimmers.

At our core are oily water separators for oil droplets down to 15 microns and oil skimmers to remove the top layer of contaminated water from any wastewater stream.

Our systems will handle a huge range of situations where oily water is present – high oil saturation to high flow rates. We have you covered.

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    HD Range

    EC Cube

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    Oil Skimmers

    Ultraspin HD range of oil separators
    EC Cube oily water separator
    Ultraspin OS Cube oil water separators
    Ultraspin oily water skimmers