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In any industry Ultraspin has the oily water treatment solution

Wherever there is oily or fatty water that needs to be treated, Ultraspin technologies will be there.


We have hand-picked some industries to show you


Ultraspin’s oily water separators and skimmers will be a benefit in any application, big or small. From the self-adjusting floating skimmers to remove top layer oils and fats, to deep treatment of oily water.

With far less maintenance, consumables and operator time than other systems, your oily water will be treated to meet the most stringent environmental standards.

From the smallest oil micron size to the dirtiest workshop with heavy oil content, emulsification and sediment, we can be found in the mining, oil and gas, workshops, vehicle wash, transport, power and asphalt industries. Aluminium and ore processing are equally likely to need oily water treatment, as are marine and defence industries.

In those industries where animal fats and vegetable fats are an issue, Ultraspin has extensive experience in meat processing, smallgoods, dairy industries, food manufacturing and hospitality.