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Ultraspin is an engineering company that specialises in the design and supply of high performance oily water separation systems. Our sole focus is oily water which is why we have a high degree of specialist knowledge in all forms of water contaminated with oil, fats and grease across many industries. Ultraspin invented the use of hydrocyclones in Industrial oil water separation systems and most of our systems use this technology. We export to many parts of the world including Southern Africa, Asia and Europe. We are the largest oily water equipment supplier in Australia.

Dairy wastewater treatment system


  • Ultraspin employees have been designing and supplying high performance oil water treatment systems for over 35 years.
  • In 1983 our Engineers designed the worlds first oily water separators using de-oiling hydrocyclones. These systems became standard practice world wide for treating produced water on off-shore oil and gas production platforms.
  • In 1993 Ultraspin developed the worlds first industrial oil water treatment system using hydrocyclones. Theses industrial systems incorporated our patented technology that included oil skimmers, separators, strainers and oil collection tanks.
  • Based on our philosophy of continual improvement we have racked up an impressive number of ‘firsts’ with our separator technology.
  • 1993 worlds first cyclone based oil water treatment system used on Oil Company fuel depots and petrol gas stations.
  • 1994 first cyclone based system treating Mining Industry oil water effluent.
  • 1995 worlds first cyclone based oil water removal system in the Dairy Industry.
  • 1996 first cyclone system treating Meat Industry effluent water allowing tallow and fat recovery.

Engineering and Production

Our production facilities and office are located in Wadhurst Drive, Boronia. Our facilities provide areas for warehousing and parts storage, light and heavy assembly as well equipment maintenance and repair. All equipment we manufacture is tested in our wet testing bay prior to delivery.

Ultraspin’s team of employees are experienced and knowledgeable in oil water treatment. Oily water is a highly specialised area of the water treatment industry and Ultraspin is fortunate to have Engineers with an average of over 10 years experience in this industry alone. We have qualified Engineers in all all major disciplines including Mechanical, Chemical and Environmental Engineering. This technical capability is spread across all company activities including Sales, Applications Engineering, Field Support, Production, Process design and ongoing Research and Development.

Oil water separator production

Design and Drawing Office

All Ultraspin products are designed in house. We have advanced capability using AutoCad, Solidworks and Inventor. This capability enables us to produce a wide variety of drawings including production of schematics, Process Flow Diagrams (PFD), Process and Instrumentation Diagrams (P&ID), Isometrics and piping layouts, Structural designs, Site Layout Drawings, General Arrangements 2D and 3D, and a variety of Electrical Drawing. We are experienced and proficient in the design of equipment skids, structures, piping systems, and pressure vessels to a wide variety of international and client specific standards. We have modern office facilities that caters for 40 office employees.

Oil Water Separator Component Drawing Render
Ultraspin Office

Analytical and Test Facilites

Oil Water Laboratory

Located in our factory we have a dedicated purpose built oily water laboratory. In this laboratory we are able to carry out a variety of accurate, high level oil water analysis including:

  • Oil and Grease TOG/TPH analysis to ASTM D7066
  • Particle size analysis using Jorin Visual Process Analyser
  • Fat and oil concentration determination
  • Suspended solids analysis to ASTM D5907
  • Microscopic analysis
  • Along with the typical laboratory measurements such as pH and temperature

The equipment we have available includes:

  • Visual process particle sizer (5 to 200 micron). Can distinguish oil, solids and gas
  • Malvern droplet particle sizer (5 to 200 micron)
  • Motic B1 Microscope 4x to 100x magnification
  • Laboratory Centrifuge up to 4000g
  • Laboratory dehydrating oven up to 200ᵒC
  • Infrared hydrocarbon absorbance analyser
Ultraspin Oil Water Laboratory
Oil Water Bilge Treatment

Oily Water Test Facilities

We test all equipment in our factory prior to delivery. It is a wet facility that can generate oil water mixtures of known oil droplet size in real time. This wet area is used for formal Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT’s) of our equipment. It can also be used for performance testing according to the comprehensive ANSI oily water test protocol standards, and we can test to the free oil recovery European EN-858 standards. We also use this area for ongoing research and development.

We have capability to test to the following standards:

  • Oily water performance testing standards; ASTM: American standard (ATSM D 6104-97) or European EN-858
  • Water Flow: 50 m3/hr
  • Oily Water Flow: 15 m3/hr
  • Oil Droplet Micron Size: 10 to 300 micron
  • Oil Types: Free, emulsified, dissolved and heavy oil
  • Oil Density: All types of oil with density range 700 to 950 kg/m3
Ultraspin Oil Water testing facility

Meet some of our Employees

Gavan Prendergast

Gavan Prendergast

General Manager

Melissa Keatley

Melissa Keatley

Sales and Services Manager

Ivano Simonetto

Ivano Simonetto

Engineering and Production Manager

  • Over 30 years of experience in the oily water industry, including extensive experience in all major industries including Oil and Gas, Mining and Food Processing
  • Designed the worlds first industrial oily water treatment systems using hydrocyclones
  • Graduated in 1980 from Melbourne University, Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering Honours
  • Contact: GavanP@ultraspin.com.au
  • Graduated from Melbourne University with a Bachelor of Science and Chemical Engineering
  • Melissa has over 7 years of experience in the oily water industry
  • Melissa manages all our equipment sales and service, including exports and our distributor networks
  • Contact: MelissaK@ultraspin.com.au
  • Ivano has been a part of Ultraspin engineering team for over 14 years
  • In 1991 he graduated from RMIT with an Honours degree in Chemical Engineering
  • As Engineering manager Ivano has managed the design and construction of hundreds of oily water separators
  • Since Ultraspin are the inventors of hydrocyclone based oil water separators – all our systems are designed in house
  • Contact: IvanoS@ultraspin.com.au
Paul Hallier

Paul Hallier

Ultrapak (Rental) Manager

Nicole Tournas

Nicole Tournas

Applications Support Engineer

Christian Spangenberg

Christian Spangenberg

Field Service Engineer

  • Paul graduated from Bradford University as a Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) in 2008
  • He has been with Ultraspin for over 6 years with extensive design and field experience
  • Paul has a particular skill for solving tricky or difficult oil water separation problems
  • As manager of rentals he overseas a cross functional team comprising sales, engineering and service
  • Contact:   PaulH@ultraspin.com.au
  • In 2013 Nicole graduated from Monash University with a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering degree
  • She has over over 8 years experience in customer service and 5 years experience in the oily water industry
  • Nicole is our Account Manager for our South African Distributors – Procon.
  • Currently studying at Melbourne Business School towards an MBA
  • Contact: NicoleT@ultraspin.com.au
  • Christian graduated from Melbourne University with a Masters in Chemical Engineering (Honours) in 2013
  • In his role, Christian looks after servicing and after sales support for our systems
  • Contact: ChristianS@ultraspin.com.au
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